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Humble service

is its own reward.

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power tie
Owen Burnett



April 13th, 2011

OOC Thanks

Puck delighted
Um... so I knew this account had lost it's paid status. I wasn't going to raise a fuss, just rearrange the essential icons. I haven't had much chance lately anyway between LJ service issues, odd jobs keeping me busy, and some bad news about my grandmother. I thought I finally had time to take care of it this morning... and it's all paid up again! No 100 userpics but 33 is plenty. I don't know who did this, but thanks for being awesome! I'm still unemployed and scraping by on bills and food, so paid LJ stuff is just about undoable, even though RP is my escape and relaxation from stress. Thank you!

March 20th, 2011

(no subject)

He might not be happy about it, but Owen is settling into the place, and an important part of that is taking the pranks of the Animus in stride. Although polling the locals is simply a part of his information gathering, he wouldn't be Owen if he let these things actually interfere with his work.
Thus, when he woke up with wings this morning, he only spent a few minutes frowning in the mirror, then accordingly cut slits for them in the least expensive of his shirts and suit coats and carried on with his morning routine. Even without Alexander, there's still breakfast to make for the Xanatoses (and presumably himself, although he tends to eat alone), paperwork to go over, and a dozen other tasks for the day.

When he clicks on the PCD, he's seated at a desk, formal as ever. Pay no mind to the dark wings folded neatly at his back. Between the the wings, dark jacket, and bright red tie he looks just a little like a giant robin.

Ms. Hino, if you're available to meet sometimes in the near future, I have made significant progress on the exploration robots. I apologize for any delay, but appropriate materials are more difficult to obtain here than I am used to. Please contact me to meet and discuss this.

He reaches toward the device with his good hand, then pauses to frown mildly into the recorder.

I would also like it to be known to the Animus that I am hereby registering a formal complaint against them.

It's the tone of voice that says if he knew where to send the court summons, he'd be filing a lawsuit. He clicks the device off.

March 3rd, 2011

(no subject)

chin on fist
[It's purely an accident of timing that Owen is giving a resigned sigh as he clicks on the PCD, but once he settles behind his new desk all traces of emotion are gone.]

I suppose it's only luck I escaped notice of the Animus for this... 'event'. I must say I am not impressed by their sense of humor.

Of those of you who have been here longer than myself, I would ask how often these things occur, and what is the worst of them you've seen?

[Owen prefers to keep himself as well-informed as possible. He leaves the link open, but works on paperwork between any answers. The PCD has been carefully positioned to prevent anyone from viewing what he's actually working on, just for privacy' sake. It could be something as bland as business arrangements, anyway...]

(no subject)

at computer
New project

February 21st, 2011

(no subject)

Mr. Xanatos, I realize there may simply be some reason of which I have not been informed, but Mrs. Xanatos seems to be absent from the household...

...Mr. Xanatos?


February 7th, 2011

[To those who know Owen, his expression shows a little more of a frown than usual. He's quietly displeased. All Owen's emotions are quiet ones, after all. To anyone else, his bland, composed features can be hard to read.

This is ruined by a little thought bubble floating above his head, just like the ones that seem to be popping up for so many people. It's not full of hearts. The wrath of Owen that underlies his calm exterior has almost overloaded its ability to show hearts, apparently, because instead it's filled with a jumble of symbols;

He clears his throat quietly.]

Mr. Xanatos, have you- has Anyone, in fact, noticed something unusual in the mirror? Someone seems to be playing some manner of prank.

February 4th, 2011

Quick OOC note

Puck delighted
Thank you to whoever gave this account extra userpics space! I have my suspicions who it was, of course. ;)

That said, sorry I vanished for a few days there, and I'm trying to catch up now. I guess catching up will include uploading more icons! Thank you!

January 30th, 2011

[Video - 1st Post]

[The video clicks on to show Owen carefully adjusting the camera aimed at himself. He regards the unknown audience blandly, face impassive. He sounds just very mildly annoyed.]
As interesting as this place is, I believe I'm late for a meeting. If this is some manner of... prank, there will be repercussions. Otherwise, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Mr. Xanatos and family, I would appreciate the information.
[He reaches to shut the PCD off, then pauses and gives another direct look into the camera.]

Mr. or Mrs. Xanatos, if you are seeing this, my apologies for the disruption. I should like to be back with you by this evening.
[He always feeds Alexander and puts him to bed in the evening, after all. He'd hate to be late for that. He steadies the device with his stone fist and ends the post with a click.]

(no subject)

For my own reference, or others, Owen's app for Adstringendum: Read more...Collapse )
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