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Humble service

is its own reward.

Owen Burnett
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Once there was a Puck, trickster for King Oberon of Avalon. He was banished, along with the rest of his kind, to the mortal world for long ages, and looked for games to fill the time until the Gathering. When the time came to return to the blessed isle he defied his king, and was bound into his game as punishment, exiled forever.

Once there was a man named Owen Burnett, a calm, level-headed, efficient man who humbly served those with more ambition. He worked for Halcyon Renard, then David Xanatos, always content to serve, to bring about the plans of others. His loyalty to Xanatos was unwavering, and he ended up with a stone fist as proof of his dedication. When an invitation came to leave his post, he refused, and continues to serve the growing Xanatos family.

Once there was a television show called Gargoyles. If you haven't seen it, you really should.

This journal is strictly for RP purposes only, no profit is being made. Owen Burnett and this version of Puck are copyright Buena Vista Entertainment/Disney, and voiced by the incomparable Jeff Bennett and Brent Spiner, respectively.